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Household and Industrial Packing is a highly professional job , requiring good general aptitude and sense to effectively pack a product without being bulky and costly.It involves the use of one's professional skill to do the job in a cost effective manner without bargaining on the product loss.

    For Machinery Packing

The job starts with the survey of machine to be packed which means physically taking the dimensions i.e.length , breadth , height and weight .The next step is to know the destination of the machine , whether it is to be transported locally or outside India.

The quality and thickness of wood required for packing is then discussed and advised to the customer after taking into due consideration the destination, the weight and dimensions of the machine. If the machinery is light in weight and the shipment is through Air, then packing in Plywood can be easily done so that the freight of the consignment is less.The thickness of wood varies from job to job.The thickness of side planks and base of box depends on the weight of the machine, the quality of the wood to be used also depends on the customer requirement and his ability to pay. The motto of the packer is to send the goods to the destination in a well packed, dust free and moisture free condition. For example, in case of sea shipments, dry gel bags as per standards are also provided inside the boxes in addition to water proof paper lining packing to avoid moisture content.

We specialize in vacuum packing of delicate and expensive machines in Aluminium foil packing materials for exports where your products reaches the destination in dust free , heat resistant and moisture free condition and is best option for any product kept for long storages. Please feel free to contact on this specialize technique of packing for your delicate and expensive products and we do this packing on a very reasonable costs.

For Household Packing 

In case of household jobs, the survey of goods to be shifted is the first step.The next step is to know whether the goods are to be shifted locally [intra city] or inter city or even outside the barriers of the country.
A detailed note of all the items to be shifted is made.All the items are firstly packed with cardboard paper by the team of professional packers. Polythene, stretch film poly, Air bubble plastic is well wrapped around the furniture & other items and even thermocole is used for electronics & fragile items. Please note all this is done on job to job basis as per its requirement the foremost aim is to make the handling easy and to avoid any damages during transit and also minimise on freight cost. The use of wood is less in household packing as compared to machinery packing due to the nature of items. Wooden crates/cases are provided for the electronics and delicate items.Destination services are also provided on this job such as unloading, unpacking, placing of goods and removal of debris.Escort is sent along the lorry as per the customers need or wherever we have not appointed an agent at very reasonable cost.


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