Free Cost Analysis

Our relationship begins with a visit from our trained estimator whose job is to assess the volume of your belongings.Every move is special and every person has special needs.Your heirloom china,those cartons of books that weigh a ton, that special oddly-shaped  shelf you had custom built for your hobby collection - we will find a way to make them fit, at the right price.

Thanks to METRO PACKERS & MOVERS, no more leaving behind treasures because it costs more to move them than they cost themselves. 

Individualised Planning Advice

Our consultant will offer you planning advice specific to your particular needs and help you determine the best method of transportation suited to your belongings.

Perhaps part of your luggage could be sent ahead by sea,and the rest follow via air.Or perhaps your cargo would travel safest by road.You would have the advantage of knowing the best course of action keeping deadlines in mind, from a person who is an expert in the field of logistics management and material handling.

Thats METRO PACKER'S service for you.Helping you plan the entire operation and explaining all the phases of your move.

Customs Clearance Regulations, Procedures  and Formalities

Thanks to the expert from METRO PACKERS & MOVERS, you can say goodbye to those yards of red tape and nights of worry.

With 23 years of experience of moving people's there personal effects around the world, we are well qualified to handle all the customs formalities painstakingly, in order to make the move painless for you from Delhi.

Our expert will assess the nature of the items you wish to relocate and advise you on all the formalities you'll need to be aware of.

Superior Packing Techniques

Once your needs have been understood and your belongings assessed, the METRO PACKERS expert will advise you on the best method to pack.

If you want us to do it for you, our consultant will tell you how we will pack them taking into account all the conditions the cargo may have to encounter on route.

We, at METRO PACKERS & MOVERS, know that the quality of packing at origin is the key to a successful move.Efficient packing results in a quicker move with no damages.

Using the finest and most appropriate packing material, our experienced operatives will pack your luggage and unpack them at their destination.

A service of the highest standards that we make available worldwide.

Delicate articles like crystal, glassware, ceramics, etc.and easily damaged items like paintings are individually wrapped and packed snugly into cartons or crates for maximum protection.All spaces are tightly packed to prevent damage from friction in transit.

Choice of Appropriate Mode of Transport

Depending on your destination, volume and nature of belongings, and also keeping your time and budgetary parameters in mind, we at METRO PACKERS can offer you a selection of modes of transport most appropriate to your needs.

With an extensive network of operatives, affiliates and agents and also infrastructure, your move whether by air,sea or road is guaranteed to be punctual and eventless.

Complete Planning on the Move

After our pre-move survey and initial assessment, should you decide to move with METRO PACKERS & MOVERS,

we will provide a step by step and complete plan on how the entire move will be handled in terms of operations, logistics and material management.

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